Construction of
Wood Structures
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The metallic structure is always a good option, this material has excellent mechanical properties to dissipate energy that is generated in natural events such as hurricane force winds and earthquakes.

Because the structure is broken down into pieces that are assembled in the field, construction time is reduced

We only have sheet, hardware and profiles regulated by ASTM and ANSI to guarantee the performance of the structure during its useful life as well as when it is subjected to extreme design efforts in case of supernatural events, such as earthquakes, hurricane winds, tsunami and among other.


We have the quality certificates of the materials


metal rods
Man Welding

For the joints of steel profiles using welding we strictly abide by the processes established by the AWS (American Welding Society), to guarantee the quality of the building where it is capable of dissipating the energy of a supernatural event for which it was designed. .

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We have different methodologies to delay time


exposed underside of steel floor or roof
The painter is working to fireproof pain
Structure building of steel structure ro

A metal building