Los Cedros Real Estate Developments seeks to positively implement the life experiences of users, through architectural design.


The corporation seeks to make interconnections between people and spaces or ideas. Thus, to provide a better life experience for users in the spaces they travel every day.

The architectural design department consists of the interaction between architects and engineers of all specialties who interact in the field of construction and especially with clients, the main factor for the successful development of projects.


In the same way, the opinion of all those involved in the project (neighbors, staff or any individual who is directly or indirectly related to the project) is taken into account, generating a balance between the profession and the user.

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We design every little detail in order to wow our clients, from the very first moment.

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For the joints of steel profiles using welding we strictly abide by the processes established by the AWS (American Welding Society), to guarantee the quality of the building where it is capable of dissipating the energy of a supernatural event for which it was designed. .

The manufacture of all the plates to be used in the structure is cut millimetrically in pantographs to guarantee that each of the pieces allows a harmonious manufacture.





We have developed a strict procedure with our suppliers where all the material to be used complies with international quality standards (ASTM AND ANSI).


This allows us to guarantee the performance of the structure during its useful life and when it is subjected to the design efforts generated by supernatural events.


We have the quality certificates of the materials


Do you want to know about the basics of structural design?

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